Simply charge your electric car
With comfot and for affordable prices.
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Looking for the nearest charger?
Charging of electric vehicle is simple. Join Liff network and get access to the nearest chargers in 3 steps:
Register in the parking application of our partner application (SNABB/Charge&Go etc)
Find the nearest charging station
Pay and start charging
Do you want to buy the charger?
Little costs from the beginning
We guarantee the lowest prices, assembly and support.
Fast payback period
The payback periood of investment into charger can be less than a year, depending on the location of charger.
Full control over the charger
Help owners of chargers to set up the most convenient working time and EV driver simple and easy charging experience.
Significant contribution to ecosystem
Owner of charger and EV driver significantly contribute into reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Ask for price reques
Charge every day-pay once per month
Get 0,02 €/kWh discount by signing agreement for regular charging and pay for charging once per month
Ask for agreement
Calculate the payback period and find the best charger
Questions and Answers
Why Liff set the goal to support and promote popularization of electric transportation?
Why do I have to buy smart charger?
What charger is the best for me?
Why my EV is charging slower than maximum capacity of the charger?
Can I charge from ordinary home socket?
What if there are not many free amps in the apartment building, and many tenants want to charge their electric vehicles? Is there any solution for that situation?
Latest news
RUEX changes brand name to LIFF
Electric vehicle charging network RUEX has changed brand name to LIFF. New brand name introduces company’s vision to focus on green technologies, sustainability and rapid growth. The amount of charging points of LIFF network increased three times for the last six month and charging volumes grew 60-70%.
Liff won second place in Brain Hunt 2021
Liff opened a public charging station in the Mustika shopping center
Liff opened a public charging station at the IBIS hotel in Tallinn
Liff opened the first ultra-fast charging station for electric vehicles in the center of Tallinn
Liff was selected in TOP10 of Estonian startup competition "Brain Hunt 2021"
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